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The second 24-hour strike held by 100 pilots for Ryanair will take place today. The pilots are in dispute with the company over base transfers, leave and seniority issues. The Irish Pilots Association will hold another strike on Tuesday of next week if the two sides can not reach an agreement.  24 flights have been cancelled out of Dublin to the UK already today. The company is prioritizing cancelled flights so passengers can transfer more easily.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will be speaking about the Brexit and Northern Ireland today in Belfast. Ms May is of the position that any backstop deal would go against the Good Friday Agreement, which brought peace to Northern Ireland 20 years ago. A no-deal Brexit would create a border down the Irish sea between Ireland and Britain which continues to be a strong point of contention for Brexit negotiations.
The Low Pay Commission has convinced the Cabinet to increase national minimum wage to 9 Euros 80 per hour effective January 2019. Taoisaech Leo Varadkar commented that the wage increase puts Ireland in the top five countries in the world for national minimum wage in cash terms and purchasing power.

The Galway International Arts Festival celebrates its 41st anniversary this year. With exhibitions spanning across artists, performers, dancers, musicians and many more over the next two weeks. Productions from all corners of the globe are set to wow audience members, the festival opens up tonight.




Persistent rain in the morning, should become lighter by lunchtime. Drying out by the afternoon and finishing the day with some sunny spells later on. Top temperatures between 18 and 20 degrees.
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