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Our Musical Islands

Ewan O'Doherty
About the show: 

Presented and produced by Ewan O'Doherty on Dublin City FM and its predecessors since March 2001, 'Ceolta Oileain' ('Our Musical Islands') features the traditional dance music and song of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, England, Brittany and Galicia as well as contemporary and newly written music in traditional style. The programme concentrates mainly on earlier and archive recordings  including many from the acoustic/pre-electric era sourced from 78s made in the United States and elsewhere, as well as from rare LPs and cassettes from the 1950s onwards. 'Ceolta Oileain' is broadcast on Tuesdays 2-3pm , looking forward to your company and hoping you enjoy the programme.

Tuesday 2-3pm
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