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Leisure Activities

Gerard Counihan
About the show: 

Meet some of Dublin's characters with Gerard Counihan on Leisure Activities every Wednesday from 1.30pm to 2pm. Dublin still has characters - harder to find, but I find them. How? You have to walk the streets of Dublin, alert to faces with stories, and find a way to sidle up to these people and strike up a chat. Done deal! They trust me, I trust them.

We arrange to meet And they tell me how they fill their days; what they do and what they have done. For example, I met the composer James Whelan while nosing around waltons on South Great Georges St. The busker Jonnie while he was being invited to move on by the Gardai. Volunteers in Tallaght Hospital while I was visiting a beloved patient. Out there. Chewing the cud. Squeezing flesh of the hand. Tune in for a relaxed, mature, natural chat between two people who hardly know each other!



Wednesday, 1.30 - 2pm
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