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Noisy Plug

Hazel Lake
About the show: 

Join Hazel Lake every Wednesday at 9pm as she brings you the best in up and coming Irish music talent with live interviews and music. 

Shakin' Street

Karl Tsigdinos
About the show: 

The critically acclaimed DJ Karl Tsigdinos joins Dublin City FM on Saturday nights with Shakin' Street - a programme that will rock its way through all aspects of rock 'n' roll.

Listeners with long memories will remember Shakin' Street from the early days of Today FM, where it was hailed by critics and fans alike.

Modern Sounds

Kevin Free
About the show: 
Modern Sounds – with the Irish Composers Collective
The contemporary music scene of Dublin has exploded and this hour long show offers you the chance to hear some of the music of up-and-coming composers in
The Irish Composers' Collective is a group of composers and performers of
contemporary music. It primarily serves as a collaborative organisation that creates