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103.2 Dublin City fm is mainly staffed by volunteers with approx 150 volunteers working at the station.

We now require more volunteers in the following areas :  Presentation, Production, Sound Engineering and Administration. 

As part of our Memo and Articles of Association the station has in place a membership system. More details will be discussed on enquiries. 

 Please send a copy of your CV to 


Programme Proposals 

Programme proposals for our new schedule beginning in January2017 are now being accepted. The closing date is 1st December  

Include the following information : 


Contact Details:

Programme Treatment for a 13 week series.

Talk Programme Length (28 minutes) - Music Programme Lenght (58 minutes) 

Any other relevant information :

Please send a demo if at all possible. 

If applying for a music programme proposal a demo of 58 mimutes is neccessary on MP3. 

For submissions please send an email to