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Forget Me Nots Choir have a new song!

Written by on 27/05/2021

Forget Me Nots Choir with Mike Hanrahan, Lisa Lambe, Norah Walsh, ALDOC and Sandy Kelly – A River Rolls On

Penned by Mike Hanrahan (Stockton’s Wing), ‘A River Rolls On’ is inspired by watching his beloved mother’s slide through the phases of vascular dementia and imagining her life as a beautiful meandering river starting high in the mountains, nourishing many, giving so much to the world as it gently rolls to the sea. It also features Lisa Lambe, ALDOC, Sandy Kelly, Norah Constance Walsh and the Forget Me Nots Choir.

The Forget-Me-Nots is an inclusive choir that unites older people and those affected by dementia with caregiver family and friends.

Released on Friday 28th May, with all proceeds going to the Alzheimer Society of Ireland, to fund creative activities through ASI centres and communities countrywide.

“It is always a joy when people sing your song but on this occasion it has extra special meaning. The Forget Me Nots promote inclusivity and we have gathered a wonderful crew to help us spread the word. Delighted to be working with Norah, Aldoc, Lisa and my dear friend Sandy with a special word of thanks to Una Healy for her creativity and Julie Feeney who has gifted the world a beautiful poem on caring”. – Mike Hanrahan

“A River Rolls On, a beautiful song written by Mike Hanrahan and inspired by his dear Mum. I’m so grateful to Mike for inviting me to record this with him, Lisa Lambe, Nora Constance Walsh, Aldoc and ‘The Forget Me Nots Choir’ all of whom I have a great respect for. I know the song means something personal to all who hear it, to me it’s part of a spiritual and healing journey that I have been on. Back in early 2019 I was invited by my dear friend the Late Brendan Grace to be one of his guests in a documentary with ‘The Forget Me Nots Choir’ I was thrilled on many levels, here began the emotional rollercoaster of this journey. My Sister Barbara (who was a great friend of Brendan’s) had tragically passed away in October 2018 through suicide, Brendan and all the wonderful people in the choir really helped my healing process, meeting and working with Nora and the choir and spending such quality time with Brendan. Sadly as we now know Brendan passed away before the live Olympia Concert, which went on to take place in his memory and celebration of his life and
achievements. It was a very emotional night for everyone, especially Brendan’s wife Eileen and family, I too was filled with emotion that night carrying the pain of the loss of Barbara, my sister. As I made my way into the dressing room I was greeted with open arms and a big hug from someone I hadn’t met in years, Mike Hanrahan of Stocktons Wing. ‘How is that Beautiful sister of yours?’ he asked, the room fell silent, he hadn’t heard about Barbara, so as best I could I told him, I saw a great sadness fill his eyes. Way back in the days of ‘The Duskies’ we would often meet up with ‘Stocktons Wing’and Mike and Barbara became great friends. Mike and I stayed in touch and then one day he spoke to me about this song he was writing ‘ A River Rolls On’ and invited me to be part of the recording. When I listened to the song I felt and instant connection with it and so continued this spiritual musical healing that had started with Brendan Grace and ‘The Forget Me Nots Choir’.

I believe Mike knew that by inviting me to be part of this song in such loving company would really guide and help me bring some light back into my days and heal the wounds left by grief.” – Sandy Kelly