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Community resources & things to do indoors!

Written by on 15/04/2020

Good Grub

Good Grub is a not-for-profit initiative delivering over 25,000 nutritious fruit & veg parcels directly to the families of DEIS school children in Dublin. DEIS is a national programme that addresses the needs of children and young adults in disadvantaged communities.

A REAL NEED – Although the government, with the support of their existing DEIS school lunch suppliers will for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis, provide basic weekly family food packs to the value of €10, more has to be done. The ‘Good Grub’ team spotted the need to supplement these deliveries with a vital, fresh fruit & veg parcel.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Free Meditation

The Free Online Meditation is run by the Maha Ji Meditation Foundation and is led by experienced Meditation Practitioners, who before the lockdown would hold meditation groups in Donnybrook, Dublin.

Now the group has been recreated into a free international online meditation group via WhatsApp that everyone regardless of location is encouraged and welcome to join. People are finding it harder to deal with all types of mental health issues due to the enforced isolation and lack of opportunities to connect. This meditation allows us all to use technology to gather collectively and feel part of a community.

The invitation link is https://t.co/iBpae0LqQZ


Parentline is a free and completely confidential helpline for parents and guardians. They offer support, guidance and information on all aspects of being a parent. Sometimes, all you could need is a friendly ear, on other occasions, perhaps, a referral to another specialist.

Parents phone Parentline with all sorts of problems. There’s no typical call; from new born babies, to toddlers, teenagers and young adults – all ages offer different challenges. Parentline facilitators are real people who will listen with understanding, compassion and care. Phone with your parenting queries or to offload stress – you will feel better after the chat.

Helpline 1890 927277 or 01 8787230
Open Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. – 9.00 p.m. and Friday 10 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Exercises for Older People

Dublin City Council has developed exercise guidelines  ‘Stay Home, Stay Active, Stay Healthy’ for older people during the Covid -19 pandemic.

Daily exercise for older adults should include cardio (heart & lung health), muscle-strengthening and balance exercises. You don’t need to do it all in one go so three 10-minute bouts spread out over the day works just as well. Any physical activity you do is also vital in helping you maintain your mental health and makes you feel good.

Remember if you are new to exercising or if you have never done any of the exercises outlined in the booklet start off slowly and build your way up to 30 minutes gradually over a few weeks. If you have a diagnosed chronic condition such as diabetes, heart disease, or osteoarthritis or if you have symptoms such as chest pain or pressure, dizziness or joint pain, talk to your doctor before you increase your activity levels.

Sean O'Casey Community Centre

If anyone older or self-isolating in the East Wall Area and are looking to avail of meals on wheels service they can contact Sean O’Casey Community Centre on 01-8509000.

They can also avail of home delivery from Centra East Wall of daily essentials by order between 10-11am which will be delivered in the afternoons. Also anyone helping an older person can ring Centra East Wall between 10-11am for a priority collection between 2-3pm no queueing. Call 01-8761774.

Epic HQ

EPIC the Irish Emigration Museum have created a downloadable Easter Activity Pack for families with children aged 8 – 10 to enjoy. It’s downloadable for free from their website at www.epicchq.com.

As well as Irish Easter traditions, puzzles and recipes there’s also a part on the Easter Rising, a focus on Roger Casement and instructions on how to Create Your Own Proclamation, helping children everywhere lay down some rules around their Easter eggs, perhaps.

There’s also a virtual tour of the museum, bringing the highlights of the Museum to your screens and will give a taste of EPIC to anyone interested.


NALA.ie is here for any parents who need: fun learning ideas for kids, help with children’s learning or school work or help with reading and writing. Their friendly tutors can help over the phone.

Freephone 1800 20 20 65 or Text LEARN to 50050


NALA also have loads of ideas for parents on their website Help My Kid Learn. It includes hundreds of fun activities that can be done in the home or outside. And best of all, the activities will help children to learn without them even realising it.

All you have to do is enter your child’s age into the website and you will find lots of suitable fun activities to do with them.

FoodCloud is a community-based social enterprise that brings food businesses and charities together with an easy-to-use and reliable platform, matching those with too much food with those who have too little.

If you would like to volunteer with FoodCloud, please fill out this form and a member of their team will be in touch.

The Crisis Cover Initiative is a solution developed by a group of service providers to ensure organisations providing vital services to at-risk communities can keep their doors open during the Covid-19 pandemic.  These services need a minimum number of staff to operate safely and effectively.  Staff absence over the course of this public health crisis could result in some services having to close their doors, if suitable staff cannot be found to replace them.

This initiative has been established by homeless and care services to support the sector to access crisis support staff when they need it. You can play a role in supporting essential services to stay open.

Based on the old Irish rhyme “I’ll tell you a story about Johnny McGory. Will I begin it? That’s all that’s in it!”, Emma-Jane Lessons father’s storytelling ensured EJ and her siblings went to sleep excited about their next adventure in the morning.

EJ and Johnny Magory are also producing free home-school help on their website with free explorer guides and Wildlife Wednesdays

The IFI Player is a virtual viewing room for it’s remarkable collections, giving audiences across the globe free and instant access to this rich heritage. The material on the IFI Player has been selected to give audiences a taste of the breadth and depth of the collections preserved by the Archive. Home movies, newsreels, travelogues, animations, feature films, public information films and documentaries have been included as they have tried to reflect all aspects of indigenous amateur and professional production.

And best of all, The Irish Adverts Project

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