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Smart electricity meters will be introduced to every home and business in Ireland, with its commencement in 2019. The project will cost €1.2 billion, with a total of 2.3 million meters to be installed in homes. The introduction of this programme will herald the end of house calls to read the electricity meter. The energy Commission have said that research shows that customers use less energy, when they know more about their consumption. The cost to the consumer will be €5.50 a year, which will be added to the user’s bill.



Ryanair CEO, Michael O’Leary, has said that they will provide an annual pay rise of €10,000, to help the airline alleviate a pilot storage. Pilots were offered a bonus in exchange for working an extra 10 days. The recent shortage has resulted in the airline having to cancel over 2,000 flights, in the short term, to several European destinations.




237 people are now confirmed dead from Mexico’s most devastating earthquake since the 1980’s. As rescue workers try to bring as many people as they can from the rubble. The quake was of 7.1 magnitude.


Dry and bright with sunny spells for most of the afternoon, though a few showers are expected to develop later. Highest temperatures of 15 degrees.