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Government figures show there has been a decrease in the number of homeless people. 

The figures from the Department of Housing show that there were 5,508 adults without accommodation last month, which is 16 below the previous month. 

The number of families in emergency accommodation has decreased by 122 to 1,408. 

The number of homeless children last month is put at 3,079.

Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy welcomed the figures as a sign of good progress, but charities warned that the homeless figures traditionally drop in December before rising again in January.

Family homelessness is now at its lowest level since June last year, With the only category still increasing being adult male homelessness in Dublin, which has increased by 64 percent



Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has said he changed his mind on removing the Eighth Amendment, after considering the views of women and experts, and seeing that "abortion is a permanent and present reality" in Ireland.

Mr Martin said the Eighth Amendment has not stopped abortion in Ireland and retaining it does not mean Ireland is a country without abortion.

He said if you face up to the realities, the Eighth Amendment has been shown to cause real damage to women in Ireland.

Mr Martin said in the cases of rape, incest and life limiting conditions, the Eighth Amendment is "cruelly inflexible" for women.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, he said he does not see any way to deal with cases of fatal foetal abnormalities under the existing amendment.


He said the law as presently designed is far too inflexible and does not take the trauma women are going through into account.


 Today will be cold and frosty with gusty westerly winds, and highest temperatures of 4 to 5 degrees.