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Inside Sport

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Dear Listener,

Due to the lack of sport because of COVID 19 the following programme will not be broadcasting at present. We will endeavour to broadcast an archive sports programme in its place however this might prove difficult at times. Please bear with us and hopefully we will return to normal broadcasting soon. Stay safe and well. Your listenership is important to us.

Inside Sport covers a wide range of sports being played across Ireland. Reporting on sporting news from the past weekend and interviews with an array of guests from different sporting backgrounds. Shows can vary each week; from the top ropes of wrestling to basketball and cycling; from the fields of hockey to golf, to athletics and horse-racing. We talk to athletes and spokespersons, giving an insight into their chosen sport and advise listeners on upcoming and noteworthy sporting events.


Presenter: Declan Hughes

Email Address: [email protected]

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Tuesday 19:00 19:30