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Jazz Mine

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Jazz Mine is a play on jasmine which, as you can read below, is one possible originators of JAZZ as a description of the music being featured on this weekly show.
Jazz keeps developing so the intention is to keep the focus on newer stuff with many forays into the Jazz Mines to illustrate past jazz musical triumphs.
I hope that you can join me on this ongoing voyage & that your email, Facebook & Twitter communications will bring me down new shafts as we explore the MINE that comprises JAZZ in all its shapes & sizes.
“On the subject of the word JAZZ Garvin Bushell, was sure it had a fragrant origin. In his 1988 book Jazz from the Beginning, he remembers his early days in music, around 1916: “The perfume industry was very big in New Orleans in those days, since the French had brought it over with them. They used jasmine — oil of jasmine — in all different odours to pep it up. It gave more force to the scent. So, they would say, ‘let’s jass it up a bit,’ when something was a little dead.” John Philip Sousa suggested in the 1920s that jazz slid into our vocabulary by way of the vaudeville stage, in which all the acts would come back on to the stage at the end of a performance to give a rousing, boisterous finale called ajazzbo, a type of low physical comedy.”


Presenter: Sean Brophy

Email Address: jazzmine@dublincityfm.ie

Blog: www.jazzspec.blogspot.com

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