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Little Steven’s Underground Garage Show 954
(Weekend of July 10 – July 12, 2020)

Quarantine Qoolness! Iggy Pop! Hey baby, Trenton Quarantino here with some profoundly personal pandemic programming promo! The existential question of the day is who should be your personal fitness trainer as this quarantine drags on interminably? Roger Daltrey?...Not bad! Robin Zander?...Close! Mick Jagger?...Very close! Correct! It’s Iggy Pop, and we are going to be revisiting our conversation from 2006 this weekend in the Underground Garage! Joining us will be the Stones, MC5, the Who, Little Walter, and the Fuggs! Come find out what Joan Jett, Levi Stubbs, and Arthur Lee have in common!

It’s our conversation with Iggy Pop hosted by me, Trenton Quarantino! This weekend in the Underground Garage!


Presenter: Steven Van Zandt

Website: Little Steven’s Underground Garage

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Saturday 15:00 17:00