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Updated 8th January 2020
From Monday, Sam Assad will present Good Morning Dublin from 10 - 10.30am, followed by a documentary from 10.30 - 11am. 

Good Morning Dublin is 103.2 Dublin City FM’s premier weekday morning show aired from 10am to 11am and is transmitted from the Bill Drakeford Studio (control) & Studio 2 (talk). It includes news, an eclectic mix of interviews, reviews, discussions and coverage of everything from current affairs and politics, health, media, and all kinds of Dublin events.


Monday: Emma Murphy, Mary Nagle, Michael Glynn.

Tuesday: Helen Desbois, Luke Stedmon.

Wednesday: Isabella Finn, Billy Kilkenny, Michael Glynn.

Thursday: Colin Mc Stay, Sam Assad.

Friday: Anne Rutledge, Vivienne Cardin.


News Team: Michael Glynn.

Phone Number: +35318658020

Text Only: +353879771032

Email Address: [email protected]

Executive Producer: Michael Glynn, [email protected]

Sound Engineer(s): Eoin Fitzpatrick, James Gouldsbury, Muread Hughes, Usman Sarwar.

Podcast Producers:  Usman Sarwar, Muread Hughes, James Gouldsbury.

Broadcast Assistant: David Sullivan.  

Researchers: Caoilfhionn Mc Namara.




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